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Definition of critical mission environments

Derivation of design cases for the thermal control subsystem (TCS)

Launch, orbit, ground operations, all place demands on your system.

A well-dimensioned TCS copes with all of them while accounting for fluctuating rates of internal heat generation and the hardware-imposed temperature limits.

I identify and define the thermal environment(s) for your application, keeping track of critical aspects and the specific instrument goals.

... so that you know what you're designing for.

Thermal control system design

Conceptual design of thermal control systems for space missions

The TCS is paramount for a successful mission. I support you in defining a thermal control concept for your application including:

  • trade-off studies
  • identification of design and cost drivers
  • maintenance of the subsystem budget and design margins
  • generation of input for technical specifications
  • selection of the hardware components

and all associated aspects.

Thermal modelling and analysis

Modelling, simulation, and optimization of the TCS concept

A good simulation is a fast and cost-effective way to verify the TCS design.

I make sensible use of models and algorithms to predict and optimize the system behaviour, including:

  • hot-spot identification (for electronics)
  • thermoelectric cooling (for precision temperature control)
  • radiator sizing
  • insulation performance
  • soil modelling (for landers)
  • atmospheric effects (for balloon missions)

... and that's just the warm-up!

Test planning and support

Management of the thermal aspects of hardware testing

Testing, while expensive, is often unavoidable. I assist you in issuing thermal test specifications and procedures for vacuum and/or balance tests with or without solar simulation.

Test-model correlation (including provisions for measurement precision & accuracy) and optional participation in the thermal test campaign round up my offer.