Past work

Thermal management of electronics

Space conditions - without convection-aided cooling - require a well-thought thermal design for the electronic components.

  • Thermal analysis of electronics boxes, PCBs and components with varying complexity.
  • Temperature mapping on electronics board and components' cases and chips.
  • Consideration for temperature- dependent and anisotropic properties.

Thermal test support

  • Modelling of ground support equipment, including solar simulator and vacuum chamber.
  • Used both for pre-test predictions and thermal model correlation.
  • Modelling of liquid-cooled systems and ambient pressure tests.

Orbital analysis

  • Accurate determination of orbital heat loads due to solar irradiation, outgoing planet infrared and atmospheric effects.
  • Assessment of impact and selection of worst-case scenarios.

Other numerical simulations

  • Modelling of exact geometry and raytracing capturing straylight effects.
  • Assessment of thermal gradients and thermal stability on complex parts.
  • Simulation of honeycomb and other composites.
  • Evaluation of RF heating effects.