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On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

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I am not a dog.

As a graduate in astrophysics, space has always fascinated me.

After 10+ years of applying my thermal engineering skills in various scientific missions, I opted to expand my portfolio and help others realize their visions.

Since 2016 I have worked for clients all over Europe bringing fresh insights and perspectives into their projects. Along the way I gained familiarity with various work philosophies across multiple organizations.

Characteristic of my working method is a passion for understanding and solving complex engineering challenges. The latter I achieve based on years of experience and a constant desire for improvement.

In addition to being a specialist in thermal engineering, I nourish a growing curiosity in other areas; debris mitigation, solar thermal power, thermal energy storage, nuclear fission & nuclear fusion are a few examples.

As counterbalance to my career, I enjoy physical activity and all things tangible that this planet has to offer; I practice martial arts; dance when nobody is watching; and make sure that my dog experiences as much of nature as possible.

... woof.

short cv


  • Since 2016 - Independent contractor, Pedro Ferreira - space thermal engineering
  • 2010 : 2017 - Thermal Engineer, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
  • 2007 : 2010 - Thermal Analyst, Active Space Technologies GmbH
  • 2006 : 2007 - Environmental Technician, INEGI Lda


  • 2022 - SYSTEMA/Thermica training course (online), Airbus Defense and Space SAS
  • 2012 - Space Systems Engineering Course, University of Southampton
  • 2012 - Python for Scientists and Engineers, The Python Academy
  • 2011 - CAPM, Project Management Institute
  • 2011 - ESATAN-TMS Advanced Course, ITP Engines UK
  • 2005 - CAE, University of Cambridge
  • 2005 - Licenciatura (240 ECTS) in Physics/Applied Mathematics (Astronomy), University of Porto
  • 2004 - Erasmus Exchange Program, University of Warwick